Cameron Gray - GYMNASTY

Mike Weiss Gallery, in New York’s Chelsea district, is currently presenting ‘GYMNASTY’, a psychedelic arrangement of installations, from the mind of artist Cameron Gray. His work predominantly revolves around the constantly evolving space that the internet has created. A tongue-in-cheek exhibit, presenting a blend of narcissism, celebrity obsession, diet & exercise fads. 

‘You are Happy and Fulfilled’   (2014)

‘You are Happy and Fulfilled’ (2014)

The press release, provided by the gallery, abstains from a typical art write-up and asks the viewers 4 simple questions: 

“Do you strive to open your heart to receive miracles and improve yourself?” 

“Do you feel there is a solution to every problem?” 

“Do you accept yourself even though you make mistakes?” 

“Do you feel like everything happens for a reason?”

Gray opens his exhibit with ‘You are Happy and Fulfilled’ (2014), a blindingly colourful installation inspired by Plato’s cave. The walkway is filled with video screens featuring a 15 minute loop of various pop-culture references, memes and animated gifs. The cave is a hypnotic, multi-sensory experience. Within this chaotic space, the video boards encapsulate you. Their rapid movement and bright flashing lights, overwhelm the senses, but equilibrium is restored by a calming and spiritual voiceover that repeats "You are now in complete control of your life".  The installation gives viewers an opportunity to be immersed into the deepest darkest part of kitsch internet culture that the past decade has given birth to.

‘Fathomable’   (2014),

‘Fathomable’ (2014),

The exhibition features a multitude of video installations, projections and soundtracks. Notable pieces include ‘Fathomable’ (2014), a live fish-tank that is exposed by a silhouette of Venus De Milo, cut out of a piece of granite. Many other granite, marble and wood slabs are used to present video installations in a unique way, void of the conventional rectangular dimensions of a video screen, with a very specific forced perspective.

Cameron Gray lives and works in California, he has presented previous solo exhibitions throughout London, Paris and New York and boasts a wide range group shows throughout the world, as well as a permanent collections owned by clients ranging from Gwen Stefani to Julia Roberts. His art has also made appearances throughout The Huffington Post, ARTnews, Paper Magazine and Vice.

'GYMNASTY' will be on display until January 3, 2015.

-Mike Weiss Gallery, 520 W 24th St