Jules Olitski - Mitt Paintings

The Paul Kasmin Gallery has recently opened a new exhibition featuring selected works by Jules Olitski (1922 - 2007). The paintings showcase Olitski's extraordinarily unique "Mitt Pictures". The exhibit catalogs work by the artist from the years 1988-1992 and features never before seen paintings. 

Olitski, (Birth name Jevel Demikovski) was born in Ukraine in 1922 and immigrated to the United States one year later. He studied at various art schools, such as Pratt Institute and the National Academy of Design in New York. He subsequently went on to have his first exhibition at Galerie Huit, Paris in 1951. 

Jules Olitski,  Ascendent Regard , 1989,  acrylic on canvas

Jules Olitski, Ascendent Regard, 1989, acrylic on canvas

Olitski explored abstraction with various textures and iridescent colours, experimenting with regular household objects such as mops and brooms to apply paint. The paintings on display at Paul Kasmin Gallery were created by mixing metallic paint with a thick acrylic gel and spreading it spontaneously around the canvas with a pair of painters mitts. Each painting has its own distinct features, whether that be the colour palette, the technique in which the paint was spread or the thickness of the paint, showcasing the experimental nature in which they were created. These artworks truly need to be seen to be appreciated. The colours, textures and overall visual experience transforms with every angle they are viewed from. 

The exhibition runs until April 19, 2014.

- Paul Kasmin Gallery, 515 W 27th St, New York, NY

Jules Olitski,  Eternity Domain,  1989, acrylic on canvas              

Jules Olitski, Eternity Domain, 1989, acrylic on canvas