Gerhard Demetz - The Invocation

The Jack Shainman Gallery have collaborated for the second time with artist Gerhard Demetz, for his new solo exhibition, titled 'The Invocation'.

Italian born Demetz explores themes of self realisation through the use of wood carved sculptures of young children. Each child is raised on a platform to bring them to eye level with the viewer, which give the lifelike statues a sense of power and control. The sculptures have very specific objects associated with them, juxtaposed with their childhood innocence, one child holds a gun in his mouth, two others have makeup smeared over their eyes, and another larger than life statue holds a belt in his outstretched arm.

 'Mother's Darling' (2014)

 'Mother's Darling' (2014)

The expressions on each of their faces range from unemotional gazes to the look of grief and complete sadness. One particular piece 'Mother's Darling' depicts a young boy, no older than six, crying black tears with an expression of devastation on his face. Demetz states that he chose children as his subject matter, as after the age of six, the emotional spectrum of children expands and their self realisation begins to evolve. 

Each statue is carved from multiple pieces of wood, stuck together to symbolise building blocks, similar to a jigsaw puzzle or lego blocks, as well as a symbolic representation of their existence. There are many gaps and holes in each statue, which is intentionally designed to represent a loss of innocence and 'the lost fragments of their being', as the official press release states. 

The exhibit will be on display at the Jack Shainman Gallery until May 31.

Jack Shainman Gallery, 513 W 20th Street, New York, NY