Katja Loher - BANG BANG

C24 Gallery are currently presenting artist Katja Loher's first solo show in New York, entitled BANG BANG. 

Loher has chosen to explore the fragile health of Planet Earth by hypothesizing the future of the food industry and the creation of artificial food sources, in the event that the natural pollinators (bees, butterflies, hummingbirds) fall victim to extinction.

'CCD-Bubble'  (2013)

'CCD-Bubble' (2013)

The exhibit is compromised of video installations featuring green-screen shot footage with synchronised dancers, depicted as insects and birds, moving, dancing and spelling various words with their bodies. One of the sentences the dancers spell, "Why did the bees leave us?", is a phrase inspired by poet Pablo Neruda's Book of Questions. The mood for the exhibit is set by the calming chime soundtrack that plays softly in the background, as to not be to obvious or distracting, but to gradually acclimate viewers into the futuristic and conceptual worlds.

'Bang Bang Planets'  (2014)

'Bang Bang Planets' (2014)

Each video is presented behind a circular frame, allowing the installations to break free of the conventional rectangular dimensions. This allows viewers to disregard the technology being utilised in order to be engulfed into the mini-universes Loher has created. Blank spheres, described by the artist as Videoplanets, are suspended from the ceiling, utilised as screens for the projections. The wall mounted videos are displayed inside hand-blown glass miniverses, as if to resemble soap bubbles, beautiful and ephemeral, but delicate and only existing for a minuscule period of time. 

Due to the spherical nature of the objects, each video refracts off the glass differently at every angle, giving warped and abstract glimpses into the seemingly peaceful, yet artificial worlds, juxtaposed with the harsh reality that our current world faces. 

Katja Loher, 35 is native to Zurich, Switzerland and is currently based in New York City. Loher has been the feature of many solo and group exhibits across the world. This is Loher's first exhibit with C24 Gallery.

The exhibition will conclude on June 21st, 2014.

- C24 Gallery, 514 W 24th Street, New York, NY