Kim Joon - Somebody

Emerging Korean artist, Kim Joon, is a modern master of digital manipulation. His latest collection of work, Somebody, in which he explores the fragile relationship between the human body and mind, has recently made its debut at Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Chelsea, New York.

[somebody 4]  (2014)

[somebody 4] (2014)

Joon constructs each piece through the computer animation software, 3D Studio Max, also used to animate films produced by Pixar and Dreamworks. Once the structure for the body is created, the artificial skin is then grafted on. Whilst Somebody is heavy on serpentine textures, Joon chooses from an array of skins, ranging from human, animal to everyday objects such as baseball and handbag surfaces. 

The themes most prevalent in his work revolve around the correlation between tattoo art and luxury brand obsession, as well as the transcendence from ones own body into a higher state of being. Each image features deconstructed human body parts; torsos, ears, legs and arms, consolidated to create abstract figures and forms, which would be impossible to replicate with photography. 

The exhibit also includes a selection of earlier work by Joon. Bird Land (2009) features similarly fragmented bodies with tattoos of luxury brand logos embedded onto the artificial skin, a commentary on the human consciousness's common desires and vices for material objects. 

Kim Joon was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea in 1966. One of Korea's most notable emerging artists, Joon was the subject and headliner of Korean Eye: Contemporary Korean Art at the Saatchi Gallery in London. His work has also been featured throughout his homeland as well as Taiwan and New York. 

'Somebody' will be on display until July 12, 2014

-Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 547 W 27th Street, New York, NY