Phillipe Pasqua - Portraits

Renowned French portrait artist, Phillipe Pasqua, is currently exhibiting a collection of work ranging from 2010 - 2012 at UNIX Gallery in Chelsea, New York. 

'Philippine'  - 2012

'Philippine' - 2012

Pasqua draws much of his inspiration for his portraits from bruised flesh and bone, choosing palettes of bleeding reds, purples, beige and blues. Each painting transcends the canvas and appears as a macabre vision of weeping human flesh. His brushstrokes leave violent, sweeping motions and the subjects in his larger-than-life portraits all carry the same melancholy expressions. Pasqua chooses his subjects very carefully and specifically for his portraits, ranging from himself, cancer patients, children to transgender individuals, in order to represent what makes each of the subjects inherently human, rather than what makes them different.

Among the portraits, a series of skulls line the wall. Stripped of their human features, each skull is embellished with quirks and variances, giving them distinctive personalities. Covered in colourful tattoos and precious metals, the skulls represent the macabre reminder of the limited time each human has on earth and the marks their existence will leave behind. 

The overarching theme of his work is not so much on the individuals, but the knowledge that the flesh and certainty of death are the basis of life and what connects every living creature together. 

Phillipe Pasqua is a self-taught artist, born in Grasse, France in 1965. His distinctive work has gained him worldwide acclaim and has been recognised by renowned publications such as The New York Times and Vogue magazine, as well as his first retrospective at the Ahlers Foundation in Hanover, Germany in 2010. He currently resides in Paris. 

The exhibit will be on display at UNIX Gallery until June 7.

- UNIX New York, 532 W 24th Street, New York, NY